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Laptop bags

More and more women choose to say goodbye to the standard black laptop bag to opt for something more in keeping with their style. The time has come for a feminine and stylish laptop bag. BULAGGI offers a variety of great laptop bags in the SALE category

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When choosing a new laptop bag, an attractive design is, of course, of importance.. And that's already an excellent reason to say goodbye to your previous, boring laptop bag. However, we advise that you don't focus all your attention on the colour, design and look & feel of the bag. It is equally, if not more important that the bag offers you enough space to fit the size of your laptop. Therefore, the first thing to do is to check the size of your laptop - this is usually indicated in inches. Secondly, the bag needs to provide sufficient protection for your laptop. For example, your 15 inch laptop can easily fit in a laptop bag which is also designed for 17 inch laptops.

All of BULAGGI’s laptop bags come with an additional shoulder strap so that you can not only carry it by hand, but you can also hang it over your shoulder so you can walk around with your hands free. Sale laptop bags can also be returned for free so don't worry should you have second thoughts on the item you received.

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