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Returns & Exchanges - FAQ

  1. How much does returning an order cost?

    We offer you free returning if you return via your nearest DPD point 
    If you wish to send your return parcel via any other carrier than DPD, this will be at your own cost.

  2. What are the return conditions?

    BULAGGI accepts returned products which:
    ✓ are returned completely
    ✓ are in the original packaging with attached BULAGGI tag.
    ✓ contain the return form, so we can trace your order.
    ✓ are returned within the return period (14 days after you have received your order).

  3. Can I exchange a product?

    Yes, if you wish to receive a replacement in exchange for the returned product, this is not a problem. We can send the desired product to you. Enter the article number + colour code on the return form and we will forward the article to you. If the replacement product is ... Read more

  4. What is the difference between returning and exchanging?

    Returning an item means that (part of) your order is being sent back to BULAGGI and you do not wish to receive a replacement product in exchange. The value of the returned product(s) will be reimbursed.

    Exchanging means that you would like to receive a replacement product in exchange for a returned ... Read more

  5. How can I return a product?

    Returning your order to BULAGGI is very simple:

    1. A return form is included in your order packaging. If you wish to return (a part of) your order, please indicate on your return form: the number of products next to the designated product line and the reason for return. If you wish ... Read more

  6. Do I need to inform BULAGGI when I want to return my product?

    No, there is no need to inform us before returning your order. You can return your parcel directly to us. We will inform you as soon as we receive your returned parcel at our warehouse.

  7. Where can I drop off my return parcel?

    1. At your nearest DPD point (free) 
    Find your nearest DPD point by entering your postcode on our DPD point locator. DPD will provide you with proof of return containing a track & trace code.

    2. At an an alternative carrier (at your own cost)
    Of course ... Read more

  8. When will I receive my refund?

    We will refund your return order within fourteen days of receipt of your returned parcel at our warehouse. As soon as we receive your returned order, we will inform you via e-mail. We will also inform you once we have refunded your order. You will be refunded in the store’s local ... Read more

  9. Does BULAGGI offer warranty on the quality of its products?

    BULAGGI offers high quality designer bags and operates in accordance with guarantee-related legislation. Should an article fail to satisfy quality requirements within a period of one year, a replacement article will be sent to you. The guarantee does not apply to articles that show expected evidence of normal wear or items ... Read more

  10. Is it possible to track & trace my return parcel?

    Yes, it is possible to track your return parcel if you have returned it via DPD.
    The DPD service location will have provided you with proof of return in the form of a track & trace code which enables you to follow your parcel up to its arrival at our warehouse ... Read more

  11. Can I receive a new return form?

    Yes, please contact our customer services team via [email] if you have not received a return form with your order, or if you have lost your form. 

  12. Can I receive a new return sticker?

    Yes, please contact our customer services team via [email] if you have not received a return sticker with your order, or if you have lost the sticker. 

  13. Can I return SALE items?

    Yes, we make no distinction between returned items from the new collection, or SALE items. All items can be returned within 14 days of receipt.

  14. What if I return my order which is paid with a gift card?

    Customers who have purchased a product in our web shop with a BULAGGI gift card, will receive a new gift card from our customer services team. We will contact you via e-mail.

  15. How long do I have to return an article?

    You have 14 days to return your order. This return period starts from the date you receive your order. Sale items can also be returned.