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Payment - FAQ

  1. Will I receive an invoice?

    No, you will not receive a separate invoice with your order via post or e-mail. Your order confirmation  wordt geen losse factuur per reguliere post of per e-mail verstuurd. Your order confirmation can be seen as an invoice. You can always view your historical order data in your personal account. This ... Read more

  2. Where do I enter a promotional code?

    You can apply a promotional code to your shopping bag. Please note that only one promotional code can be applied per order. Our codes are case sensitive and no spaces should be entered before or after them.

  3. Can I enter more than one promotional code?

    No, it is not possible to apply multiple promotional codes to your shopping bag. Only one promotional code can be applied at a time. 

  4. How can I pay with a BULAGGI gift card?

    BULAGGI offers gift cards in the webshop of different amounts. These gift cards are promotional codes which should be entered in the shopping cart. Our codes are case sensitive and should not have spaces before or after them. The value of the gift card will be automatically deducted from the total ... Read more

  5. Can I pay with other types of gift card?

    No, at present it is not possible to pay for your order with a different type of gift card from BULAGGI's own gift cards.

  6. Is payments in the BULAGGI web shop safe?

    Yes, placing an order in our webstore is both safe and secure. Our payment menu is highly secure. On the html bar on your browser you will see that we use a secure connection (https). The S in "http" stands for "secure".
    You will most likely also see a padlock icon ... Read more

  7. Will I be charged VAT?

    All our products include UK Value Added Tax (VAT). 

  8. What payment methods can I choose from?

    We accept the following payment methods: 

    VISA, Mastercard & American Express
    When choosing one of the creditcard options, you will have to fill out your creditcard number and expiration date. We will also ask you to complete your CVC/CVV code. This is a 3 digit number which can be found on the ... Read more