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  1. Three trends that you cannot ignore: floral prints, snake prints and the trend colour dusty pink

    Elly van de Water | Leestijd 2 minuten

    There are always trends which you would like to ignore, but some of them you simply cannot ignore. In this blog we will discuss three trends: floral prints, snake prints, trend colour dusty pink. 

    Floral prints

    We have probably all seen the beautiful floral prints on clothes this past season. The jeans with floral print or embroidery is almost impossible to ignore. We are so happy that this trend, will remain for a while. We continue to see the floral print on garments and accessories.

    At BULAGGI you will find the floral print on our bags on a.o. the Rosie hobo shoulder bag and shopping bag. These beautifulcognac and black coloured Rosie bags have stylish floral embroidery on the front and features antique gold coloured details. This fits perfectly with the floral trend of today, but our advice is: keep it elegant and simple with the flower combinations: do not overkill the look.


    Check out all floral print bags here

    Snake print

    Another trend that makes us smile are snake prints. We are very happy that we will be seeing the snake prints on clothes and on accessories. Not only do we love the texture of the prints, but the fact that the snake print look on bags is so divers is perfect! Our snake print bags come in so many different colours, which makes it sometimes very hard to choose your favourite new snake bag.

    Combining snake prints can be quite difficult when it comes to clothing and accessories. Just like with the floral prints we would like to say: Keep it simple and do not overkill the snake look! Keep it to a max of 2 matching snake elements in your look.


    If you love the snake print as much as we do, we have got a nice diverse bag assortment for you at BULAGGI. In both our summer and winter collections, you can find various bags and purses with a snake print. While one bag has subtle snake elements, the other bag is dominated by the print.


    Check out all snake print bags here

    Dusty pink

    One of the trend colours of this moment is the colour dusty pink. This warm and romantic colour is perfect for the upcoming winter season. In combination with rich materials and beautiful details, a dusty pink bag immediately feels like a stylish and charming addition to your outfit. BULAGGI’s dusty pink bags have beautiful details. Among others the Jazz shopping bag and cross body bag with beautiful embossed stars and antique gold coloured details, is a perfect bag for different occasions.

    Or how about the clutch Carice? The velvet clutch bag in dusty pink combines different trends in one must-have bag! This beautiful pink coloured, soft velvet bag also has a beautiful floral embossed print. Thanks to the included shoulder strap, this bag can not only be used as a clutch, but can also be worn easily over the shoulder!

    oud roze

    Check out all snake print bags here

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  2. In her style... Meghan Markle

    Elly van de Water | Reading time 2 minutes

    Who doesn’t have a soft spot for Meghan Markle? Some of us already loved her as Rachel Zane in the hit series Suits, some came to love her as the adorable modern princess to be.

    Meghan’s style and accessories have become very popular. Meghan has shared that she likes monotone dressing. Clothes in one and the same colour tone, with little to no print. Meghan’s colour palette is; dark green, blue, white, black, pastel pink and burgundy red.

    Casual Friday
    While Harry and Meghan were dating, she was often spotted in a casual look with, for example, a modern ´ripped´ jeans and white blouse. A nice shoulder bag and matching flats perfectly finish of this look.

    meghan markle casual outfit

    Lauren shopper
    Bulaggi’s Lauren shopper matches this style. The bag is large enough for a day out and can store your belongings ánd new purchases. This bag is available in three colours; black, khaki green and cognac. The bag in the picture is the cognac version.

    meghan markle duchess of sussex

    Lauren shopping bag - £74,95

    Duchess of Sussex
    Now that Meghan and Harry are married, she can refer to herself as the Duchess of Sussex. We noticed that Meghan has started to dress a little more conservative in her role as the Duchess of Sussex.
    Nevertheless she still looks amazing! Pastel pink is a colour she has lately been wearing more often. While the tabloids speculate about the meaning … is she expecting or is she sitting on a pink cloud because of her wedding … Meghan keeps on impressing us with her lovely outfits.

    meghan markle duchess of sussex

    Clutch Kim
    A clutch is a handbag that is often carried in your hand. A very elegant look in combination with a cocktail dress. Bulaggi’s clutch Kim is completely Meghan’s style. This clutch is available in three colours: black, dark blue and pewter. The clutch comes with an additional shoulder strap for extra comfort.

    meghan markle duchess of sussex

    Clutch Kim - £ 39.95 

    The little black bag
    Of course a little black bag cannot be missed in your wardrobe if you are a welcome guest at high-society parties. Your clutch must be made of rich materials and be of added value to your outfit.

    meghan markle little black bag

    Clutch Robin

    Our clutch Robin is a perfect addition to your (black) cocktail dress. The clutch is made of soft velvet and has rich extras on the clip, such as pearls. This bag is a real royal eye catcher.


    Clutch Robin - £ 59.95 

    Other bags in Meghan's style

    shopper quinty bulaggi - meghan markle style          jaylin saddle bag - meghan markle style         

    Quinty shopping bag - £ 79.95                                           Jaylin crossbody bag - £ 69.95      

     abby laptop bag - meghan markle style          black clutch bag - meghan markle style

    Abby laptop bag - £ 89.95                                       Emmy clutch bag - £ 49.95    

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  3. Magic as a fashion statement - Autumn | Winter '18 –'19 collection –

    The BULAGGI Autumn | Winter 2018-2019 collection is characterised by flowers, lacquer, reptile prints, fake fur, soft materials, intense colours and, last but not least, craftsmanship and opulent styling. It's all about a collection of bags which – like the modern woman – cannot be pigeonholed in terms of style. Today's woman prefers to make her own fashion statement with the magic of colour and expression. The newest trends – ranging from sporty to classic – are blended into three hugely appealing themes: Performance, Nightwalker and Reflection.

    1. Performance
    Croco and snake prints teamed with daring colours such as clear red, blue and yellow lead to striking combinations and pronounced motifs. Performance is a lively theme with a highly expressive dynamic – nostalgic with an expressionist touch.

    View all products of the Performance collection

    2. Nightwalker
    The perfect theme if you want to project elegance and self-assurance with a hint of mystery. Designed to tempt and charm, but to parry at the same time. Velvet, silk and lacquer play the lead roles in this production. Dark and mysterious, with a touch of feminine glamour; aubergine and dark blues and greens transport you to a magical world of fantasy. You are the one who will shine in the silvery moonlight – that is Nightwalker.

    View all products of the Nightwalker collection

    3. Reflection
    Sometimes it is good to pause and reflect; to go with the flow of beauty and the tranquillity of nature. This is the serenity expressed by the Reflection theme, in which femininity and strength are harmoniously combined to prove that there is no need to shout to be noticed. Soft, warm materials and natural and harmonious colours combined with metallics give you that back-to-luxury feeling.


    View all products of the Reflection collection

    Party bags & clutches
    The winter collection also includes a wide range of party bags and basic clutches featuring a variety of materials and suited to all kinds of social event, from partying and evenings out or festivals to elegant dinner parties. Any one of these clutches, whether in fake fur, satin or velvet, with pearls or fringes, can transform your day-to-day outfit into a head-turning look.

    clutch bags

    View all clutch bags

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  4. The summer must-have: rush baskets


    Have a great summer


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  5. The perfect bag for a wedding day

    Weddingbells, it’s time to get all dressed up!

    A wedding is the perfect occasion to dress to impress. From head to toe, a fancy dress, painted nails, hair nicely styled and of course the perfect bag in your hands.

    A large bag is not very charming to wear to a wedding party,  therefore a clutch bag is the ideal bag for a wedding. A clutch is an elegant and stylish bag for festive occassions such as a wedding. It’s easy to wear in the hand and it looks very classy. The much-needed essentials fit in easily. The BULAGGI clutches have a detachable shoulder strap that makes it possible to wear the bag over your shoulder.

    The bride’s bag
    A clutch is the ideal bag for the bride who wants to be prepared for anything. This includes all the essentials that may be important during the special day. Extra stockings, lipstick, powder and tissues are no unnecessary luxuries that can come in handy. This is of course not be worn by the bride herself, but by the best friend or sister of the bride. This super chic suede champagne coloured clutch bag offers enough space for all these essentials and is a good choice for the perfect bride’s bag.  

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  6. Find your festival friendly bag

    Have you already found the festival it bag?

    The festival season is coming up, but have you got your outfit ready? With festivals like Pinkpop in the Netherlands, Tomorrowland in Belgium, Lollapalooza in Germany and Leeds in the UK,  there are more than enough great festivals coming up.

    Style and comfort are the two most important elements what you pay attention to when putting together your festival outfit. On flat sandals or sandals with a low heel you can dance all day and all night. Wear them with a jumpsuit or a maxi dress, match fun accessories with it and make your outfit complete with a matching bag.

    One of the ultimate festivals worldwide is Coachella. This is the festival where the festival looks of the season arise. At Coachella you spot the festival trends for the coming season each year. We will give you BULAGGI’s trends for the festival season to complete you festival look. Get inspired!

    The cross body bag is the perfect festival bag that gives you the opportunity to dance the night away to your favourite tunes without having to worry about the handbag in your hands. Crossbody bags come in all shapes and sizes and usually have a playful look. The bag is ideal for your much-needed essentials such as your phone, money, coins, lip gloss and powder. For those who prefer to take more item with them to a festival, a backpack is the ideal solution.

    You can’t go wrong with fringes
    Fringes obviously can’t be missed in your festival look. This elegant white shoulder bag with fringe and woven strap is therefore the festival bag of the season. The bag has several handy pockets so all your essentials are safely stored away. The bag is easy to wear on the shoulder and can be adjusted to any size which makes it not only look beautiful but also comfortable to wear. 

    The Pineapple bag
    One to stand out of the crowd! The pineapple is the eyecather for the festival season. This pineapple with gold glitters has a handy size and offers enough space for all your essentials. This strap can also be adjusted to size, which makes is comfortable to wear. 

    Check out all crossbody bags here

    Patterns and studs
    Would you like to be well prepared and have everything with you during the festival season? In that case this backpack is de ideal solution. This backpack with pattern and studs gives you the festival look and feel. The bag has a spacious compartment with several inside pockets so you can store your essentials organised. A handy fact about the bag is that it can be worn in several ways. 

    Check out all backpacks here 

    Happy festival season! Enjoy your festival look! 

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  7. Exchange your boring black laptop bag for a fashionable one

    The boring black laptop bag has had it’s best time, it's time for a fashionable laptop bag!

    Exchange your boring black laptop bag for a trendy fashionable laptop bag. Laptops and tablets are nowadays indispensable devices. You take them everywhere you go on a daily basis. A laptop bag that can be combined with every outfit and that is pratical as well, is the perfect solution!

    Your laptop and tablet are expensive devices that you want to take good care of. A laptop bag that offers good protection is therefore of great importance. The question is, what do you find important in the search of a laptop bag? Which consideration do you take in account in terms of comfort? Would you like to wear your bag in your hand or over the shoulder? These type of questions are important to make the right choice for your laptop bag.

    The most important aspect of a laptop bag is to protect your device, and that means a good fit for your laptop. BULAGGI’s laptop bags come in different sizes and shapes making a suitable bag for any size laptop or tablet. A laptop bag must also have a good sturdy handle that is comfortable to carry in the hand. The bag also needs a sturdy shoulder strap that wears comfortable over the shoulder and prevents shoulder injuries.

    After choosing the colour, shape and style, take your time to view the inside of the bag. A spacious main compartment with multiple inside pockets so you can organise all your stuff is a must. An additional compartment at the back and front of the bag comes in handy for storing your essential items for easy reach.

    BULAGGI’s laptop bags offer all these ingredients. The result: a real musthave laptop bag that you can combine with every look!

    Have a look at our laptop bags here.

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  8. SPRING | SUMMER 2018 collection – The beauty of nature

    SPRING | SUMMER 2018 collection – The beauty of nature

    In an era in which an outfit is not so much a look but more an expression of identity, BULAGGI launches the supremely balanced Spring | Summer 2018 collection to underline the personality of every woman. In complete harmony with the trends of the season – new romance, primary colours and shapes, feminine and floral aspects – our designers have given free rein to their fantasy in the themes 'Hidden Treasures', 'Deep Water' and 'Exotic Sweets'.


    Hidden treasures

    Let your thoughts wander, and imagine a fabulous walk through majestic caves lined with the finest of minerals. The subdued colours on the outside of this natural phenomenon offer no clue to the world of magnificent splendour hidden within.

    Neutral shades ranging from sand to dark grey with pink accents are key to the Hidden Treasures theme, which has at its heart new romance, expressed in the thrilling combinations of bags with austere lines featuring pastel shades. Luxurious elements such as lacquer and metallic accents refer to the brilliance of breathtaking minerals.


    Deep Water

    Take a dive into the deep and be amazed at the wonders that the underwater world has to offer; the brilliance of the water, the circles made by the dive, the countless shades of blue, the colours of water and sun.

    These inspirations translate into a feminine collection with a minimalistic style and a subtle marine look and feel. The main colours of the Deep Water theme – white, blue, yellow and orange accents – are reminiscent of a perfect day at the beach. The high-quality materials and opulent aura of the bags emphasise the luxury cruise feeling.


    Exotic Sweets

    Close your eyes and picture yourself in the jungle, surrounded by green as far as the eye can see, warm colours, intriguing silhouettes and the most exotic flowers you have ever seen. Every step you take opens your eyes to new impressions and, almost breathlessly, you absorb them.

    The Exotic Sweets theme focuses on the feminine and the stylish with a wink. Think of austere shapes, superb finishes and abstract flowers. Expect subtly shining details and an abundance of reptile prints as well as green shades combined with natural colours and red accents..         



    The key elements of this collection have been incorporated in our extensive range of clutches. Party bags are the perfect finishing touch for any look, as well as the ideal accessory for the well-dressed wedding guest. Each and every clutch in this collection has been developed to steal the show, and they are certainly eye-catchers, whether because they excel in simplicity or by virtue of the spectacular design or striking colour. Choose your favourite and stand out from the crowd!

    We understand what women want, and this collection provides a range of affordable, on-trend bags of the highest quality for all occasions: desire within reach.

    Fashion tip

    For the dedicated fashionista: the colour lilac - the trend colour of this season - has been integrated into this collection. Release your fashion queen and wear lilac!

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  9. Holiday handbags

    It’s amost the most wonderful week of the year !

    Once you have decided on your holiday outfit, there are still some to-do's when it comes to accessories. You complete your outfit with stylish jewellery, beautiful make-up and a party bag of course! The question is: which bag is suitable for the holidays and the different occassions?

    Christmas dinner bag
    It is most likely that you will enjoy a multi-course Christmas dinner. Naturally, you would like to have your essentials within reach on the table. Therefore it is not a good idea to bring your shopping bag XL to the Christmas dinner and park it under the table or drop it in a corner of the house (or restaurant).

    A clutch bag is your friend. A stylish clutch bag can be put easily on a Christmas dinner table. This way you will have your lipstick within reach. Your clutch bag can also be used with a strap which can be hung over your chair. Naturally this also goes for cross over bags.
    Whichever model you will choose : your bag may shine this Christmas so go for glitter, sequins & glamour.

    The New Years Eve bag

    It depends on how you plan your new years eve and which bag goes well with the setting.
    Are you going a night out? In that case the cross over bag will be the best choice. Having a drink in one hand and a bag in the other one doesn’t always work out well in the club. With a cross over bag you can dance the night away hands-free and care-free.

    Are you planning on a night at home or at your friends’ house? In this case you can choose whatever bag you prefer based on the colour and print instead of a more practical point-of-view. You can choose from a clutch bag, hand bag or shoulder bag.

    January 1st bag
    Once the holidays are over and it is Monday January 1st, you will (hopefully) have a day off. On January 1st all written rules on outfits and etiquettes have faded. Today is matter of recovering and enjoying your day as much as you can. Are you leaving the house today? Make sure you bring a spacious bag in which you can carry at least a bottle of water. Afterall, you’ve got to stay hydrated today ;)



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  10. Trends autumn | winter 2017

    Joyce Langelaar | Read time: 2 minutes

    The BULAGGI Autumn | Winter '17-'18 collection is inspired by British traditions, authentic moorland landscapes, traditional crafts and industrial design.

    Influenced by major trends such as sumptuous botanical flower patterns, nostalgia for the thirties and forties, powerful contrasts and reptilian structures, this collection interlocks seamlessly with the fashion picture for winter 2017-2018. High-quality materials, luxurious extras and attention to detail ensure that each and every bag exudes an unparalleled richness.

    The themes Little Manor, Tender Highlands and Pi Casa, each with its own characteristic features, underpin this well-balanced collection.

    Little Manor

    The dominant colours of the Little Manor theme are black, dark green, khaki, bordeaux and signal red, which make for some thrilling combinations, highly fashionable bags and a timeless elegance. This theme provides room not only for classic simplicity but also for bags with a unique floral print, developed by BULAGGI and featuring embossed botanical elements.

    Tender Highlands

    Together with grey, silver, pink and cognac, special materials and powerful contrasts play an important part in the Tender Highlands theme. As an example: one of the bags is made entirely of faux fur with metal handles – an absolute eye-catcher.

    This theme also allows for a craftsmanlike look & feel, whereby laser cutting and rugged studs are combined in casual bags. Spangles, lacquer and metallics alluding to reflections in water also feature.

    Pi Casa

    Pi Casa is a richly colourful theme in which shades of blue, brown, burnt orange, ochre and a touch of gold are prominent. A strictly ordered austerity combined with a particular geometric play of lines characterises the design of these bags. Austere linear patterns combine with reptilian structures and (tone in tone) colour blocking.

    Be seduced by beautiful design, high-end materials, luxurious extra's and expressive colours. Shop your AW17-18 favourites here!

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