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Weekend bags

Do you regularly go away for the weekend or a one-night stopover and find your suitcase too big? Then choose a weekend bag or travel bag from the BULAGGI range. We offer top quality, elegant and feminine weekend bags which are ideal to take with you as carry-on luggage. Our weekend bags are lightweight and easy to transport. 

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Use your weekend bag as a sports bag

Weekend bag scan be used as a sports bag to transport your sports equipment. Depending on the sport that you practise it may be convenient to choose a large weekend bag so you can easily take all your sports gear to the court. Are you a goalie in hockey team, play cricket or baseball, or do you excercise boxing? Then you might consider purchasing a weekend bag for your sport. The dimensions of the bag are listed on the product page of the bag, so you can see if the bag meets your requirements.

Can you pack light?

Our weekend bags are carry-on bags, they offer a handle to carry the bag as a handbag but also come with an additional strap so that you can easily lift the bag over your shoulder. However, weekend bags are not conventient if you are a heavy packer. So can you pick light and do you like to appear stylish on your weekend away with a practical bag? You are exactly in the right place, shop in BULAGGI’s weekend bags assortment.

Free returning of weekend bags

Our weekend bags and travel bags are being sent to you free of charge above £50. If you would like to return your bag for whatever reason, this is no problem for us. Your returns are done easily and are also free of charge. Once we have received your returns weekend bag, we will make sure we will refund you as soon as possible. If you have any questions on choosing a weekend bag, please contact our customer service department. We are more than happy to assist you with your question.